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Along the border between Scotland and England flows a river from which lot of woolens get their name - the Tweed. Just north of this river, in Berwickshire, lies the home of CLAN HOME (always pronounced HUME).

This gridiron between Scotland and England was the site of many battles. During certain periods of time there were almost constant raids between the two countries. Because of its position, the Clan Home became "peacemakers", above local family quarrels and, as Wardens of the Eastern Marshes, it was their duty to surpress the lawless elements in a lawless land.

The family of Home has its roots far back in the lineageof the royal families of Scotland and England. Malcolm II, King of Scotland (1005-1034 A.D.), had one child, Bethoc, who married Crinan, Lay Abbot of Dunkeld. Two children were born to this union: Duncan, King of Scotland (1034-1040 A.D.), and Maldred, who married Algitha, daughter of Uchtred and grandaughter of King Ethelred of England.

Egbert was the first King of United England (827-828 A.D.). His second son, Alfred, known to history as Alfred the Great, was later King of England. Egbert was a direct ancestor of Ethelred the Unready, King of England (968-1013 A.D.). In the year 1002 A.D., he married Emma, the sister of Richard, Duke of Normandy, a lady who was known as the "Flower of Normandy".

Egbert was the last of the six early Saxon kings. Elgiva, the fifth child of Ethelred, married Uchtred, Prince of Northumberland. Their daughter, Algitha, married Maldred, grandson of Malcolm II, King of Scotland. From these two royal houses came the Home family. Maldred and Algitha had a son, Cospatrick, Earl of Northumberland, who fought at the Battle of Hastings. His grandson, Cospatrick III, married Ada, daughter of King William, the Lion of Scotland. She brought with her to the marriage, as her estate, the land of "Ihom" or Home.

From this family have descended leaders in every field, from politics and medicine to literature and the arts. "Their status level", says Nigel Tranter in his book, Portrait of the Border Country, "was like the Grand Army of Mexico, always more generals than privates....they were all lairds. In this they were different from the true clans, Highland and Lowland, where the chiefly element was upheld by a great substructure of clansmen in peace as in war."

Thus we see a resounding list of HOME lairdships in the merse of Berwickshire: Homes of Wedderburn, Polwarth, Marchmont, Manderston, Blackadder, Ninewalls, etc. Also many septs are aligned with those of HOME. They are Aiton, Aitoun, Ayton, Buncle, Bunkle, Eaton, Greenlaw, Greenlea, Greenlee, Greenlease, Halliburton, Holm, Holmes, Holns, Hulme, Home, Kello, Kelloe, Kellow, Killo, Landale, Landels, Landles, Landless, Machy, Mack, Nesbett, Nesbitt, Nisbet, Palmer, Paxton, Shume, Wedderbourne and Wedderburn, to name a few.

The Chief of the present CLAN HOME, until his death on October 9, 1995, was Lord Home of The Hirsel. He lived in The Hirsel, near Coldstream, Scotland, and served as Prime Minister of Great Britain in 1963. Upon his death, his eldest son, David Alexander Cospatrick Douglas-Home, became The 15th Earl of Home and thus, the present Chief of CLAN HOME.


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